Comfrey Corner
Natural Foods

at the West Park Shopping Center, Mansfield

Established 1978

"Comfrey Corner offers a vast collection of herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals, cosmetics and beauty supplies, healthy food options, and drinks.  Both Cheryl and Pat offer friendly assistance to help with whatever your needs are!  Cheryl's background knowledge in the medical/health field makes her a wonderful and knowledgeable resource.  Besides being the "GEM" health food store in our area, the reflexology sessions are so therapeutic and relaxing!  This truly is the place to go to get healthier. Comfrey Corner is the best!"
                                                                                                   Wanda D., Mansfield, Ohio

"Comfrey Corner Natural Foods in the West Park Shopping Center has been such a blessing in my life.  I go in with questions about various health concerns, and Cheryl and Pat go above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me find exactly what I need.  I used to come to Comfrey Corner when I was a kid, and I love that I can now bring my children there and find natural way to keep them healthy!"

                                                                                                     Holly Z., Bellville, Ohio

"I have used TheraNeem Skin Lotion (from Comfrey Corner) on many skin problems-poison ivy, dermatitis & I even used it on my dogs stomach, which was all broke out.  A friend used it on his eczema.  All with amazing results.  Soothes the itch, moisturizes the skin, & dries up the rash.  I have given this product to many friends, parents, and my children, & this healing lotion should be in everyone's medicine cabinet.  It's very calming for dry skin-especially in the winter. There will always be TheraNeem Skin Lotion in my cabinet."

                                                                                                        Janet L., Shelby, Ohio